Prod++: A Mini-Series on How to be More Productive

The Need for Refactoring Your Habits


Be Curious and Critical

Search for Change

  • Operating System: Over the past few years I have used Windows, MacOS and Linux based systems as my daily driver.
  • IDE: I’m a huge proponent for JetBrains and their amazing IDEs. However, being flexible is advantageous, as you won’t always have the luxury to wait a minute until it has booted up or work on a machine with your desired version installed. Many other IDEs exist, all with their own use-case at which they excel, some more lightweight alternatives I am recently using frequently are Visual Studio Code and Vim.
  • Machine: If you have the opportunity, then pair programming on the machine of a colleague can be a great way of experiencing their way of working. Try to ask them on how they would do something if there’s something which you can do a lot easier on your own machine. Either they show you another method of achieving the same, or you can learn them something.





Founder of — DevOps Consultant at Eficode — Living in Helsinki

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Adriaan Knapen

Adriaan Knapen

Founder of — DevOps Consultant at Eficode — Living in Helsinki

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