Prod++[1]: Master Git

Prod++[1]: Master Git

The Why

  • Time-machine If you commit frequently you can easily go back to previous versions as to find older implementations, trace bugs to their root and show how your project evolved over time.
  • Self-review Using Git for your personal projects is a great enabler to become more aware of the changes you are making. Remember those console.logs you added all over your code while trying to get this new feature to work? Well, git diff does.
  • Backup Ever had a friend who lost a few weeks of work when their laptop suddenly gave up? If you regularly push your changes to an external Git repository, then you won’t suffer the same loss.
  • Ease isolated development environment setup Having the source-code checked into Git allows you to easily setup a new development environment if one is broken or delete everything which is not checked in to clean up.
  • Automation There are many tools out there to aid your development by hooking into Git. Whether it’s Prettier automatically formatting your code locally or Github Actions to automatically deploy your website.
  • Sharing Code Having your code base stored in Git makes it easier to share your code, if you ever manage to get someone interested in giving it a look.

The How

Use Aliases

Fix Your Own Mess

Inspect the Log

Read the Changelog

Don’t be Scared to (Re)Write History




Founder of — DevOps Consultant at Eficode — Living in Helsinki

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Adriaan Knapen

Adriaan Knapen

Founder of — DevOps Consultant at Eficode — Living in Helsinki

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